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John Morewood

Joining us again in 2018 will be John Morewood, whose book Waterloo General was named as one of the top three ‘must read’ books of 2016 by Andrew Roberts in the Evening Standard.  John read history at Oxford University. He was editor of the Nelson Society from 1997 to 1999 and also of the Waterloo Association from 2001 to 2011. He writes articles and lectures on, amongst other things, the Napoleonic Wars and co-authored HMS Vanguard at the Nile. John has proved a popular and extremely knowledgeable guide on IFBT tours to Italy and medieval Normandy. He joins us again for the trips to the Loire and to Southern England.




Julian Spilsbury

Author and historian Julian Spilsbury is an ex-regular soldier, and is the author of several books including major works on both the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny. A TV scriptwriter, he writes many of the military obituaries that appear in the Daily Telegraph. Julian has written scripts for such programmes as Holby City, Casualty, The Bill and even Crossroads and (believe it or not) is the man responsible for writing Benny out of the series! Julian is a very popular guide as well as being extremely knowledgeable and entertaining as anyone who has been on any of the IFBT tours following Napoleon’s campaigns will tell you.




James Falkner

James Falkner is an ex-Regular Army officer with a deep knowledge not only of the Duke of Marlborough and his campaigns, armies and career but also those of his many adversaries, including several French marshals as well as Louis XIV. He has spent many weeks exploring the great battlefields that he describes and deploys a professional soldier’s insight into dazzling tactical analyses. He lectures on Marlborough and the American Civil War and is the author of several books on Marlborough. James has an intimate knowledge of Marlborough’s battlefields and has worked with IFBT for most of the twenty years’ existence.



Louise Allen

Writing as Louise Allen, Melanie Hilton has been writing ‘scandalously witty Regency romance’ novels, with over 40 books published since 1993. She has also written several non-fiction books focused on various aspects of British history, including Walks Through Regency London, Stagecoach Travel, To The Field of Waterloo: The First Battlefield Tourists, The Georgian Seaside and Regency Slang Revealed. You may rest assured that Louise will be giving us the benefit of her huge knowledge of Regency London during the Waterloo tour in April. It sets the scene very nicely before we depart for Belgium and the campaign itself.




Kristine Hughes Patrone

Since 1995, American Kristine Hughes Patrone has been traveling to the UK in order to indulge her interest in British history. Her research trips led her to write several non-fiction books, including Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England. For the past six years, Kristine has published a blog, Number One London, along with fellow author and anglophile Victoria Hinshaw, which focuses on all aspects of British history from the Georgian period on and where she regularly posts about her travels across the pond. There’s nothing she likes more than introducing new friends to the wonders of England and bringing history to life.




Ian Fletcher

Ian Fletcher is one of the leading authorities on the Peninsular War and Wellington’s army. Born in London in 1957, his first book, In Hell Before Daylight, was published in 1984, since when he has written or edited almost thirty others. Ian first visited the battlefield of Waterloo in 1978 and travelled to the Iberian Peninsula for the first time in 1983. He worked on the BBC’s Decisive Weapons series, The History Channel’s Line of Fire and Sharpe’s War series and Channel 4’s series on Revolutionary Armies. He has also appeared on Russian and Ukrainian television as part of an award-winning 4-part documentary series on the Crimean War. He has also broadcast on radio. He is a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society.



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