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Ian Fletcher

Ian Fletcher is one of the leading authorities on the Peninsular War and Wellington’s army. Born in London in 1957, his first book, In Hell Before Daylight, was published in 1984, since when he has written or edited almost thirty others, details of which can be found listed elsewhere on this website. Ian first visited the battlefield of Waterloo in 1978 and traveled to the Iberian Peninsula for the first time in 1983. Since then he has visited the battlefields regularly and can recall at least thirty visits to Salamanca alone, for example, whilst the Pyrenees and southern France areas have become almost a second home. The Crimea, too, has become a home from home in recent years. Whilst the touring side of operations takes up a large slice of his time, Ian still manages to continue writing, as well as work on other projects. He worked on the BBC’s Decisive Weapons series, The History Channel’s Line of Fire and Sharpe's War series and Channel 4's series on Revolutionary Armies. He has also appeared on Russian and Ukrainian television as part of an award-winning 4-part documentary series on the Crimean War. He has also broadcast on radio and continues to lecture whenever he can. He is a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society. Far more important (!) he is a lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, having attended his first match in 1964 at the age of seven and when in England can regularly be found in the Paxton Road end at White Hart Lane. He is also a guitarist in the rock band, Stoned.




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