Some of my regular guests will know that, when I’m not traipsing around battlefields I can usually be found, by complete contrast, playing live rock music. Indeed, I first started gigging at the age of 21, just before punk rock took hold. I played in a band called The Features and we had a single, Drab City’, which was written by me and has since become a bit of a cult record, so much so, in fact, that it is the opening track on the recently released album ‘Bore Teenagers Vol. 10.’ You can find the single, along with some great comments, on YouTube. But if you’re struggling to find it, I’ve included it below.


In recent years I’ve been playing with Stoned, which, as the name suggests, is a Rolling Stones covers band. I played with them for four years until I left them this year to join a nationwide theatre tour, The Rolling Stones Story, which played in theatres up and down the country and was a huge amount of fun (see the video at the bottom of this page.). I stood in for the regular guitarist on each of the twenty-odd gigs but when the tour resumes later this year the band’s regular guitarist will probably return. I’ve also released a solo album, ‘Better Late Than Never,’ which is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. It seems to have gone down quite well. More stuff is in the pipeline, as they say.


front punk

My solo album. Track listing:


My Favourite Vampire


Parallel World

Today We’re Friends

Sunday Nights

Live With Me

Wild, Wild West

Red Zone

Solomon’s Problem

Turn To Stone

Better Late Than Never

Drab City, by The Features, is the opening track on the album

Drab City, by The Features

Stoned, playing at the Iwade Rock Festival 2016

Ian Fletcher in action during The Rolling Stones Story concert at The Grand Theatre, Swansea. Gimme Shelter, with Rebecca Thorn on vocals.